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Interview with Serge Zhukov

Serge Zhukov, "Drawing Lesson 3.," 36 X 24 inches, Oil On Canvas

Serge Zhukov, “Drawing Lesson 3.,” 36 X 24 inches, Oil On Canvas

F.A.N. Gallery will show the work of Serge Zhokov this month. Serge is a wonderful painter and a master at creating mood through is landscapes and figures.

Victoria Donohoe of The Inquirer said, “his figure drawings give us an easy sense of his subjects’ reality, but it’s the delicate mix of senses and substance that imbues the oils with an air of uncontrived refinement, while their milky hues set the spirit that appeals to the sophisticated eye.”

Serge Zhukov Harmony in Red 12 X 24 oil on canvas

Serge Zhukov, “Harmony In Red,” 12 X 24 inches, Oil On Canvas

I was able to ask Serge a few questions about his influences and how he works.

Who are your influences? Favorite artists or books or music.

My influences, naturally, are constantly changing throughout my life. At one point in time, I skipped through pages in Art History books, which were devoted to Giotto and De Chirico. Now they are my favorite artists. I am certainly influenced by Piero della Francesca, Giorgione. I can examine works like “Legend of the True Cross” or “Pastoral Concert” for hours. I like Balthus, mostly his late works. In literature, it’s Stanislaw Lem, Hesse, Sasha Sokolov, Osip Mandelstam.

Serge Zhukov Still Life with Glass Pitcher 12 X 24 oil on canvas

Serge Zhukov “Still Life With Glass Pitcher,” 12 X 24 inches, Oil On Canvas

How much planning and preparation go into your paintings, do you do a lot of drawing first and then move onto the painting?

It’s difficult to say. If, I have a clear idea about my next project, then painting goes smoothly. However, I have to envision the entire image in my mind first, prior to drawing. I do a lot of drawings. Often my vision is altered when I actually start painting. It happened with “Drawing Lesson 1” where my original idea changed after creating several drawings.

Serge Zhukov,, sketch of

Serge Zhukov, sketch of “Drawing lesson” 11×14 ink on paper.

What is your first creative memory?

I mixed toothpaste with watercolor paints and colored a window glass. I was 5 years old.

Serge Zhukov, "Evening Shadow," 48 X 36 inches, Oil On Canvas

Serge Zhukov, “Evening Shadow,” 48 X 36 inches, Oil On Canvas


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A Review of Robert Heilman’s Landscape Paintngs

Robert Heilman, Road, 9 x 9 inches, oil on board

A nice review of Robert Heilman’s work here.

You can see Robert’s landscape paintings through the end of September.

Robert Heilman, 7th Street, 6 X 9 inches, oil on board

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New Talent: Nick Weber

Nick Weber, oil on canvas

Nick Weber, Streetlight, 11×14 inches, oil on canvas

F.A.N. Gallery is please to show the paintings of Nick Weber. Nick is an award winning artist and a graduate of Stanford University. He shows in New York and the Hamptons. Nick’s beautifully textured paintings of figures emerging out of shadow  are wonderful. His nocturnes depict points of light that faintly illuminate a setting.
Nick Weber,<em> Girl in the Sun</em>, 24 x 30 inches, oil on canvas

Nick Weber, Girl in the Sun, 24 x 30 inches, oil on canvas

What draws you to painting the figure? Do you like to paint the figure in your own studio or do you like to see the figure in their own environment/home setting?

“I think I keep painting the figure because I am one myself.  The impulse to paint is similar to the impulse to touch.”

Nick Weber, oil on canvas

Nick Weber, NYC Night, 24 x 30 inches,oil on canvas

What is your first creative memory or the first time you connected to something artistic?

 “When I was 7 I won the Kellogg’s ‘Stick up for Breakfast’ contest… a nationwide contest where kids drew Snap, Crackle ‘n’ Pop, Tony the Tiger, etc. I won a ten speed bike!   Then I became obsessed with drawing baseball and football players: Tony Dorsett, Terry Bradshaw.  I just found a few from 30 years ago, they have great rhythm.”

Come by the gallery and check out Nick’s work.

Group Show: New Talent and Gallery Artists

August 3 –31, 2012

Opening Reception August 3rd, 5 to 9 PM

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December 2011

Rick Buttari and Joshua Koffman, December 2011

F.A.N. has a wonderful new exhibit opening in December.
Rick Buttari: New Paintings and Joshua Koffman: Sculpture

There will be a group show on the second floor featuring new work by Jesse J. Gardner, Al Gury, Kate Kern Mundie, Carlo Russo, Serge Zhukov, and introducing new artists Nick Patten, Philip Corey and Olga Nielsen, plus work by many more or FAN’s artists.

December 2nd – 31st, 2011
Opening reception:
Friday, December 2nd, 5-9:00 PM

Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12-6:00 PM

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